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Having adequate housing has a massive effect on the quality of people’s lives. In the central highlands area it can get cold and rainy. A leaky roof or inadequate walls provide little shelter against the elements. Without a solid door and walls, it is impossible to leave your house and not worry about what little possessions you have being taken. It takes less than $2,000 USD (40 million VND) to provide a family with the gift of a house that can have an amazing impact on the quality of life for everyone who lives there.

Candidates for houses are selected using the following criteria:


Average income for the area is less than $300 USD per month. The families we help usually make less than $100 per month.

Family Support

Preference is given to households that don't have any family that is able to support them.

Number of People in House

In combination with the income, this is an important factor in determining the need for a new home.

Number of Children

It is important to help provide a safe and secure place for children to grow up.

Other Factors

Other factors that make life more difficult are also considered, such as disabilities, mental, and health issues.

Before and After Photos

Meet Aron and his wife. They live in a one-room house that has one solid wall. The rest of the walls are made with pieces of wood and metal that he found. His home is cold and the holes in the walls and roof shine beams of light through the smoke from the small fire he keeps for cooking and warmth. He is not able to make much money because he is disabled and cannot see out of one eye. A small group of generous donors sponsored Aron to build him a new house.




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