Mission Statement:
Live out our call to love our neighbors by providing relief to the poor, comfort to the distressed, and support to the underprivileged throughout the world.

We are a non-profit private foundation that specializes in helping small non-profit overseas charitable organizations raise money to carry out important work to improve the lives of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged. We find organisations that are doing high-value charitable work, need help fundraising, and who also have low overhead expenses. We then help those organizations by raising money and issuing them grants. Before we agree to give an organization money, we visit their operations and talk with their volunteers and the people they are helping to ensure they align with our mission statement and philosophy of maximizing the effectiveness of donations.

Many overseas organizations are doing high-value charitable work but lack the infrastructure to raise funds in the United States or may visit the United States to raise money but are unable to accept credit card donations or recurring donations. The White Rice Foundation was started after seeing nuns in rural Vietnam struggle to raise money to get food to feed school children so that they would have a meal to eat before they went to school. They would send a representative to the US once per year to collect donations, but donors were unable to donate monthly for their cause and because they lacked the financial infrastructure they were unable to accept donations by credit card or issue their donors tax-deductible receipts. The White Rice Foundation was started to help them and other organizations in similar positions.

We are focused on allowing people to contribute directly to causes in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of every dollar donated. It is important to us to keep overhead costs to a minimum. We are run by volunteers who do not take any reimbursement for expenses incurred while supporting the foundation and our BOD members donate the money necessary to cover all administrative expenses except banking fees. This means that other than the banking fees involved in transferring your donation from your account to the account of the organization you are donating to (typically around two percent), your entire donation goes towards the cause you are donating to. We will not use any part of your donation to cover any advertising, travel, or non-banking administrative fees.

The White Rice Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible and our records are available for inspection upon request. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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