Food for the hungry

Feed Children

This campaign focuses of feeding children in rural Vietnam. We help sponsor several different locations where children in high-need areas are provided with food to help them grow and succeed in life. 

Children Waiting In Line
Children eating breakfast with nuns before school

Breakfast Before School

Children in the village come eat breakfast with the local nuns, who give them a good meal before they go study so that they don’t have to learn on an empty stomach. In this picture they just finished praying and the older kids are helping serve the younger kids. After eating they all help wash the dishes, and then it’s off to school! This facility is in a very rural area where quality food and education are in short supply. Three sisters from The Congregation of the Lovers of the Holy Cross Order run the facility and work hard to combat malnutrition in the area.

Home Away From Home

In these pictures you can see a boarding school where the nuns provide housing, food, and support for children in the area. Most children that attend are blessed to have families that love them, but the family is not able to adequately support them and provide for them so they ask the nuns to let the children stay on a temporary basis. Most children will go home to their families for holidays but will stay with the nuns while they attend school. Some of the children come from very rural areas where the educational opportunities are not as good as they are in the larger communities.

Soymilk and Sticks

Sticks for Milk

Paying back what they can

This group of nuns makes milk from soy beans to help children get protein and other vital nutrients. The children will come once a day with old water bottles or other used plastic soda bottles to take their soy milk for the day. They don’t have any way to pay the nuns back for the soy milk, so on their way from their homes they find sticks in the forest and bring them to the nuns to provide some form of payment. It melts your heart to see the children bringing sticks to thank the nuns for making soy milk and to make sure that the nuns never run out of cooking wood!

Use the form below to donate to feeding children in Central Vietnam. Your donation will go to help various groups in the area provide food for children. Note that we may add or remove sponsored groups from time to time.

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