Make a lasting impact on an individual child

$1 per day can change a child’s life forever by ensuring they are able to go to school, aren’t distracted by hunger, and have all the tools necessary to succeed in life.

Change the future and build a lasting relationship

School in Vietnam is not mandatory like it is in the US. In order to send their kids to school, parents need to pay for uniforms, shoes, books, and other supplies. If they can’t pay, their children can’t go to school. Unfortunately, there are many children whose parents don’t have the money to send their children to school.

We work with local educators and caregivers to help find children who have a high potential for educational success, but whose families lack the resources to provide them with the opportunities to become successful. Once a donor agrees to sponsor a child for $30 per month, the child and donor are connected so they can write each other and build a relationship that is rewarding for both the child and donor. If you do not speak Vietnamese we will also translate messages as needed.

Benefits of Donating

Donating to a charitable cause should not only benefit the cause, but the donor as well. Although we like to donate to help the cause itself, studies have also shown that supporting charitable causes activates the reward response in your brain, which can improve your overall satisfaction in life and even decrease stress. Communicating directly with the people you are helping will make your contribution feel much more personal and meaningful. The child and their family will also feel more engaged because instead of a faceless foundation helping them, they will get to put a name and face to the person or people who cared enough to sponsor their education. Having a chance to get to know their sponsor will also have a lasting impact on the child; knowing that a stranger from a different country believes in them strongly enough to pay for their education is a strong motivating force and a great example of how to give back and help those less fortunate than yourself. After the child has grown into a successful adult, it is our hope that they will remember the kindness bestowed upon them by strangers and pay back that kindness by helping someone else in a similar situation.

After you agree to support a child for $30 per month, we will contact you to get you in touch with a child in need. Translators have also volunteered their time to assist with donors who do not speak Vietnamese.

Your donation will be an investment in a child's future that will pay off in many ways.


The primary impact your donation will have on the child you sponsor will be providing them with the resources required to be successful in school. Your sponsorship will allow them to receive an adequate education, one in which their family could not provide without your assistance.


Most families who have a child who gets sponsored live on less than $50 per month. Making sure their child’s education will be provided for eliminates one of their biggest expenses and sources of stress. If the child is able to make it through college, they will be able to help lift the rest of their family out of poverty.


Think of how the child will feel knowing a stranger on the other side of the world believed enough in them to sponsor their education. This act of kindness may inspire them to pay-forward the kindness that was shown to them and help others that are in need.

The minimum donation amount is $30. Larger donations will be accepted and additional funds above $30 will go into our general fund. As always, no portion of your donation will be used for marketing, travel, or other administrative expenses other than bank transfer fees.

Số tiền bảo trợ tối thiểu là 30 đồng.  Nếu bạn muốn bảo trợ nhiều hơn vẫn có thể được nhưng số tiền dư ra sẽ đươc đưa vào quỹ chung.  Và như quy định, tất cả số tiền bảo trợ sẽ không được dùng vào mục đích như tiếp thị, du lịch hay các chi phí khác, trừ phí chuyển khoảng từ nhà băng.

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