Want to host an event to raise money for a good cause?

We love a good party! Hosting an event to help raise money is a great way to support some of the good campaigns we sponsor! Events can have benefits beyond the obvious financial donations. They provide an opportunity for donors to feel a deeper connection with the cause and share fellowship with other supporters. Events are a great way for individuals, youth groups, or other organizations to make a tangible positive impression on the world!

We feel that supporting charitable organizations should not only benefit the charitable cause, but the donors as well. We work hard to make sure that donors feel connected to the causes they donate to. Do you want to raise $2,000 to build a house? Great! We can provide pictures of the house you sponsor before work is done and provide updates as construction progresses. Do you want to provide meals for hungry children? Excellent! We can send you pictures and videos of the children enjoying the meals your provided.

Our campaigns’ primary source of funding is through events. If you would like to host an event, please contact us at [email protected], and we will be glad to help. We can usually provide informational and promotional materials ahead of the event as well as send a representative to the event to talk with donors and help coordinate contributions.