Current Active Campaigns:

Our current ongoing campaigns were selected because they have low overhead and have a high human-impact per dollar. Each dollar of your donation will go a long way in providing a lasting positive impact in the world.

Feed Children

Many children in central Vietnam do not have enough to eat. This campaign provides various groups with resources to take care of children who live in poverty.

Educate Children

$1 per day can change a child's life forever by ensuring they are able to go to school, aren't distracted by hunger, and have all the tools necessary to succeed in life. After you start supporting a child for $30 per month, we will contact you to get you in touch with a child in need. Translators have also volunteered their time to assist with donors who do not speak Vietnamese.

Build Houses

In the central highlands area of Vietnam it can get cold and rainy. A leaky roof or inadequate walls provide little shelter against the elements. Without a solid door and walls, it is impossible to leave your house and not worry about what little possessions you have being taken. This campaign builds houses for those in need in Vietnam's central highlands area.